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Gerry Spahn has filled a number of positions for the Renault/Nissan Group, heading investor relations, financial communications as well as a member of various management committees.  He has worked with other top companies including the industrial side of the Fiat Group and other management teams to improve market understanding of their corporate strategy and performance.

SCS has a wealth of experience in looking at companies from an “outside perspective” combined with years of “inside perspective. Our strength is breaking down complex operations to key operating to evaluate independently.  SCS works in quickly evolving environments; with a variety of market players, understanding their short and long-term needs.  Gerry has sat on both sides of the market relations table, and can bring you a unique perspective from both sides of the market conversation.




Gerry practices communications as a two-practice, providing valuable insight from consistent interaction with various stakeholders, developing and implementing processes to effectively share information with a management team to ensure that “the message” is not only being communicated, but is being understood. He is comfortable in fast-changing environments; including crises, restructuring, corporate spin-off or just plain volatile economic environments and is as at ease advising in the C-suite as learning a business on a shop or retail floor.   

Gerry practices fundamental, relationship-based communications with a clear message while leveraging digital and electronic methods to support.  

His strength is breaking down complex operations to an easy to understand “story” and ensuring that all communications disciplines are coordinated and consistent.  He spent 10 of his 14 years with Renault/Nissan overseas, thriving in a cross-functional, multi-cultural matrix environments 



Gerry’s strength is working with a company to review its strategy and then break it down into an easy to understand “market story.”   His experience is in developing and implementing market relations for multi-year plans at multiple global giants balancing multiple brands operating in virtually every market worldwide.

He views financial communications as a two way street.  Of course a company must fulfill its obligation to providing relevant insight to the market, however, it must also empower an effective IR team to glean information from constant interaction with market players including, brokers, investors and supporting stakeholders.  Gerry has experience in developing the critical open relationships throughout the market to credibly share a message while collecting information along the way.

Gerry has worked in quickly evolving environments; including crises, restructuring, corporate spin-off or just plain volatile markets with a wide range of media and market players. With 10 of his 14 years with Renault/Nissan overseas, Gerry thrives in a cross-functional, multi-cultural environment and is comfortable working with market players in any part of the world.