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 Spahn Consulting Services offers expert insight from a professional with 20-years of experience with tier 1 global industrial companies in New York, Tokyo and Paris. It offers inside perspective on the sector to improve understanding of the auto and industrial sectors for investors and potential business partners.

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Having led corporate and financial communications efforts for the Renault/Nissan Group in the New York, Tokyo and Paris, Gerry developed best practices delivering integrated messages to global, national and local media as well as other internal and external stakeholders. He has experience in working cross-functionally and across borders – geographic and corporate – to ensure a company delivers the same clear and consistent message in communications whether it be media, employees, financial markets, government or social stakeholders.  He can apply his experience to add value to companies and management teams looking for aggressive and innovative relations with the financial market.

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Gerry Spahn has led investor relations and financial communications for the Renault/Nissan Group in New York, Tokyo and Paris.  In his positions he developed best practices in effective communications to the capital markets and financial industry as he worked with market stakeholders including; equity & fixed income holders, rating agencies in the U.S., Europe and Asia and top financial media.  He has worked with top companies - including the industrial side of the Fiat Group - and management teams looking for aggressive and innovative relations with the financial markets.

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